Me, Him and I

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
26/12/1904 414757 Original w 28/01/1905 24

Stage numbers

All Aboard Entire Chorus The Self-Made Man Costa Rolla, Marjory Gold, Willie Rolla and Hon. Hiram Rolla The Worst Woman on the Stage Vera Hartburn Good Night, Evangeline Seattle Sal, U. Kahn, Dusty Dawson and Con. Conn Henry Dinkelspiel Willie Rolla, Costa Rolla and Marjory Gold The Football Girls U. Kahn, Dusty Dawson, Con. Conn, Seattle Sal, Costa Rolla, Marjory Gold and Entire Company Sailing Chorus Over the Moonlit Sea Vera Hartburn and Willie Rolla Aber Nit U. Kahn, Dusty Dawson and Con. Conn My Bonita Conchita Seattle Sal and Chorus The Professor and His Pupil U. Kahn and Dusty Dawson Song of Nations Costa Rolla, Seattle Sal, Vera Hartburn, U. Kahn, Dusty Dawson, Con. Conn and Entire Company In (the) Dear Old Fatherland Willie Rolla and Company Harry, Harry, (Won't You Marry Me?) Seattle Sal and Chorus My Yukon Belle Costa Rolla